Awkward (Single)

by Bee Mick See

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1sy single taken from the upcoming album - "The Belfast Yank"


released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Bee Mick See Belfast, UK

Born in Portland. Lives in Belfast.
Raps and composes music.

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Track Name: Awkward - feat Kev Jones
Verse 1
Zip lock grip is the way I keep my lips
An acquaintance gets strict silence
Pacifist but I don’t fear violence
Get my voice heard like – crying kids
Teacher never give us a chance in English
Always put doubt on my analysis
Kept me in a state of thought paralysis
So I disregarded everything you said miss

Her shit handwriting meant she was creative
My poor pen work was always slated
She swapped encouragement for – dictatin’
So I swapped being good for misbehavin’
Classroom back is where my bum sat
Challenged her view with quarrelsome chat
Ignored Shakespeare and learned how to rap
Took the slouch right out of my back

I was awkward, awkward
I had no confidence at all
And everything I did was wrong, wrong
I can’t explain myself
So my thoughts get lost in a song, song

Verse 2
After 18 years I met the girl of my dreams
She filled my heart with heat like the Gulf Stream
I was shy and nervous she was ever so keen
But pursuing me was a hopeless scheme
Her heart on her sleeve - mine was buried beneath
How could someone so beautiful be into me?
She would ring nightly - to say, how she was liking me
And I’d just laugh to mask the anxiety

I was a boy completely withdrawn
Emotions hid well from the bullies who picked on
I desperately wanted her to be my bird
But my feet stayed cold cuz I lacked the nerve
My heart felt wonderful things in her presence
I fell hard for her in adolescence
But without the guts to tell her what I truly felt
My head was full of melt…

Verse 3
Like water migrates to a cumulus cloud
I gravitated towards that popular crowd
They’d humour me at first and let me stick around
But I eventually got kicked to the ground
A skinny wee kid that craved acceptance
With a self-esteem caged up in fences
I was so afraid to embrace my difference
That I was content to live a victim’s existence

For instance – one of the bigger guys
Took advantage of my delicate size
He was not content until I’d watery eyes
When teacher came along he’d apologise
And I accepted – I was such a fool
That was my mentality in grammar school
Applying household bleach to the gaping wounds
Teen years lived in ruins…