Birds Over Nupes EP

by Bee Mick See

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released January 21, 2013

Words and Music by Bee Mick See & Friends
Produced by Bee Mick See & Rocky O'Reilly
Recorded @ Start Together Studios, Belfast



all rights reserved


Bee Mick See Belfast, UK

Born in Portland. Lives in Belfast.
Raps and composes music.

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Track Name: Hey Girl
Verse 1
I’m a weird rapper – mad, mad hatter
Side shade – so I can look dapper
Tax fund tapper – street brawl lapper
12-month recovering daytime napper
Eating in Boojum McDonald’s can do one
Hoodie and guddies but I’m no hoodlum
Birds won’t **** me – love won’t touch me
Half Irish but I’ve never been lucky

I’m a wee dick…
With a few drinks in I never get a chick
Black ink everywhere – play a gig anywhere
Rhyme about things not many dare
I am BeeMickSee – you’re Deablo
My shit’s Team Fresh – your style’s Bob Mould
You need Phoenix Gas to get your rhymes out the cold
I do what I want now do what you’re told (oh)

Hey girl – would you be my honey
I’d pick you any day over money
Hey girl – you’re real pretty
You being single – that’d be a pity
Hey girl – I just want to kiss you
If you ever cry I will get you a tissue
Hey girl - Hope you have a nice day
I like you’s all I wanted to say

Verse 2
Fred Perry and Dickies – I’m plectrum picky
Im not like Biggie you’d easily miss me
- I’m wearing jeans that fit me
Mum’s getting worried that I’m too skinny
Emaciated in my physical appearance
My fat reduced like food on clearance
I avoid the need for Cow & Gate
Living my life off - with out-of-date

A spendthrift – like Israeli’s
Attention span – like babies
Steve Urkel when I talk to ladies
Choruses more contagious than scabies
I am well fit – not on the surface
Chatting up birds is when I’m most nervous
I be like George – cuz I’m so Curious
Living my life with an energy surplus (aye)

Verse 3
Fuck your flags – I’m all about rags
Try and limit my use of carrier bags
Fuck getting paid – I wanna get laid
Birds over nupes is what I say
My thought’s filthy – I am not wealthy
Got a sweet tooth - but I’m a bit healthy
Pull the beat over now stop – drop
I will never run from a cop – whopped
On brownies – soft like Downey
Love I’m up North like one of them Mounties
- In the Antrim County
My beat’s sweet like coconut Bounty

I’m a rabbit – cuz I’ve gotta have it
Single like a song in the charts so I grab it
My sex life – is DIY
But aww gee I try…
Like politicians at the time of election – I run
Like Forest Gump or a program setup
I love the buzz when my – heart pump
Like thump – thump, thump, thump
Track Name: My Favourite
Verse 1
I come home late with the stink of sweat
She’s wrapped up with a smile in bed
My bones ache and the eyes are heavy
She’s got Pernaton gel at the ready
Her arms invite like a welcome mat
As I bask in a life I’ve seldom had
The candles she lit assist the wind down
I forget about the lot cuz all is fine now

This feels like it’s meant to be
Like tomatoes in Italian recipes
She’s made two cups of the chamomile tea
With a plate of my favourite maple pastries
Her eyes do twinkle as I enter the room
A wonder how a look can make the mind swoon
My heart jumps out my chest like a cartoon
Worries disappear when I’m the little spoon

She’s my favourite
Fermanagh Lady
The reason why I have been using less naughty words lately
She’s my favourite
Fermanagh Lady
A more emotionally intact person is what she has made me

Verse 2
I start the day – as she’s still snoring
I’ve got more energy in the morning
Asleep in bed she’s the sweetest thing
So breakfast to her is what I bring
Soda bread with peanut butter and jelly
Plus orange juice leads to a happy belly
Yoghurt with the separated fruit in the corner
At this point I’d do anything for her

Hold her close like she needs protection
But truth be told I need her affection
I need the relief when we kiss and tell
For better understanding of myself
When I look in her eyes brings passion back
All of my surroundings fade to black
Feel like a joy rider who’s been caught sleepin’
My knees are significantly weakened

Verse 3
You bet your ass she looks after me
She covers my face in the moisture cream
She applies the Bazooka gel to my feet
She feeds my teeth with a food so sweet
She shares my love of herbal tea
She sweetens it up with Tesco honey
Muscles get loving rubs of deep heat
She spoons me tight when my body’s beat
Track Name: Single
I’m SINGLE – like a 30p feg
SINGLE – like a ticket one way
SINGLE – like a widowed bride
That’s the story of my life
But I just wanna be – not lonely
Gagging for - my - one and only
Some birds come and some birds don’t
And life ain’t sweet when I’m alone

Verse 1
Sometimes – my heart feels beat
As I’m tucked in tight by a twin bed sheet
I dwell on the ex a serial cheat
And mask the pain with the food I eat
Alcohol puts my heart to sleep
As I get blocked the romance depletes
And I hunt for girls like a piece of meat
All comfort gained is a short term feat

I'm chasing girls – I sort of like
Cuz being alone’s a scary plight
I need cupid – right – to improve his sight
- Cuz I need some love in my life
So swap that arrow for an Uzi
Aim a bit better next time you shoot me
So I can be your man in teenage movies
That wins the bird – after years of losing

Verse 2
Sometimes – I don’t feel great
In a twin mattress when it’s way past late
Like Michael Stone behind prison gates I start dwelling on past mistakes Cuz way back in my teenage days
I lost out through nervous delay
There were things I was afraid to say
And a handful of girls that got away

Now there’s no one that wants to call me
There’s no one I think of fondly
Wet dreams are my unwanted hobby
It’s mostly boxers – in the laundry
My years seem to pass in a hurry
The single life fills me with worry
Cuz I rely on technology like Curry’s
99 worries - all of them girlies

Verse 3
I want that – click – click – relationship
That gushy shit – that made me sick
When I was a kid – cuz I was thick
And thought it was all about pleasing dick
I’m not even trying to pull anymore
That old game makes me feel bored
Not looking to increase my score
Cuz I – oh I need more

Waking up empty from a random buck
Wishing it wasn’t so meaningless
Cuz what is life - without love?
It’s a peace parade – without the doves
Sex might sell - but it doesn’t pay
Cuz I had it last night and I’m broke today
Sex might sell - but it doesn’t pay
Cuz I had it last night and I’m broke today
Track Name: I'm Weak
Verse 1
Allergies debilitate me in summer
High pollen content’s such a bummer
The snot in my nose Olympic – runner
My chemist is a wee doll – I love her
Antihistamines help me breathe again
Without eye drops, Cyclops, squinty vision
I look like I’ve been chopping onions for hours
With a mouth stuffed full of Haribo sours

Hah chew… I’m a wee doot
My girlfriend finds my sickness so cute
I’m the reason that she doesn’t wear perfume
I’m the reason that she doesn’t smoke in her room
Hay fever sniffs – conjunctivitis
Got me on temporary blindness
Benadryl hits – snot laced spits
Wet eyelids, dry lips – got me in the pits

I’m weak
So weak

Verse 2
An Ethiopian runner – but thinner
A faux vegetarian at Sunday dinner
Bone structure like a Gecko - lizard
Muscles like a Christmas turkey - gizzard
Taught – skin – shows off the bone
Makes me look as though I’ve got muscle tone
My body resembles Nick Clegg in Parliament
Throat feels like the Creationist argument (weak)

Bones creak like a dried up door hinge
Pass out when they penetrate me with syringe
Biceps like two elastic - strings
Clench teeth when the tattoo needle stings
A dirty mucker – nerdy brother
A very well clued up learning lover
I’m not like you– that’s my word
And you wouldn’t kill me like a mocking bird

Verse 3
I’m weak – I’m a seven day stretch
Seven day, seven day, seven day stretch
But I’m dexterous with adjustable wrench
Clever graft gives a seductive stench

Kittens are cute but only in theory
When I’m around them I cannot see clearly
Feather pillows viewed as a luxury
But they turn my boogers all watery

The strength in me can be hard to see
When my girlfriend helps open jars for me
A hard days work puts my body in bits
Second hand smoke brings coughing fits
The back gate bolt is a difficult task
Can only pull so much before it hurts to grasp
If food’s on the plate I’m a fucking eat it
But I’ve still got the figure of a true bulimic
Track Name: Who Likes Laughing? - ft Paul Denver
Who likes laughing?

Verse 1
Gis, yer best acid face
Put happiness in the first place
Rock that grin when you sign the bru
Cuz you get paid with nout to do
Catholic Priests - lighten up
If yer tense yer not ridin’ much
If that don't work then masturbate
Pent up stress exacerbates

Look at my arse, fer a picture of yourself
I'm the reverse Elizabeth Wurzel
I contradict like a Christian hell
Or every cunt in the bible
Shoot my mouth off like Yosemite Sam
Laugh in the face of an angry man
Like an itty-bitty kid at Disney Land
Or yer great granda(d) at a kiss-o-gram

I’m going to live my life like a spide at a rave
Because the lights are bright when the eyes are brave
When the times get tough I’ll ride the wave
I’m going to laugh until I hit the grave

Verse 2
Gis, yer best botox face
Let blissfulness - win the race
Cooperate, with yer endorphins
Forget about those Oxfam orphans
- I wanna see your incisors
Dazzle me like Richard Prior
When he was on fire, it's quite simple
Work those cheeks, form those dimples

Don't worry about, your success
When you fuck up, don't get stressed
Loosen up, reduce the moanin’
With a natural source of serotonin
Stop getting on like Morissey
You should act more courteously
Like a presenter on Sesame Street
- I wanna see your teeth please

Verse 3
Gis, your best camera face
Live your life the Sinatra way
Make getting scundered irrelevant
Dance like a dick for the hell of it
Stop giving a fuck so God damn much
We've a good GNP per capita
If you're fussed about a credit crunch
- Take a trip to Africa's contagious
- Like a gorgeous girl with AIDS is
Laughter, laughter, it's the greatest
Like M-C-Paul-Bar-Man's-lat-est
- So come sit next to me
For a little natural ecstasy
You can live free, like old school Napster
With the king of silent laughter