Love feat. YellowBridge

by Bee Mick See

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released May 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Bee Mick See Belfast, UK

Born in Portland. Lives in Belfast.
Raps and composes music.

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Track Name: Love
I’m sad, depressed – with loneliness
My body’s been withholding rest
Obstructed by the weight that I posses
With 90Ks upon my chest
That’s the aftermath of the quarrelling phase
When we’ve parted ways for a couple of days
While my eyes pine for the site of your face
My thoughts race at a frantic pace

My mind stalls to suffocate
I think of the things you do that I hate
I dwell in the realm of my mistake
Eyes well up like Superior
Full of frustrate – when we don’t speak thorough
As we behave like five year olds
Emotions fluctuate like an Irish Euro
Ache for your tongue on my earlobe

I’m sorry love
I never meant that pain
Alcohol blocks common sense in the brain
But you frustrate in the way you explain
So my thoughts come out all insane

You suck the life out of me like nits
And give it right back in a hot-blooded kiss
All I think about is you when I’m on the piss
In bed we connect like jigsaw bits
Pints of stout accompanied with chuckles
Ends at my door getting greeted with knuckles
Arms around you like seat belt buckles
This love business is an epic struggle

I’ll take all the hysterical digs you throw
Embrace you body in a bear hug hold
Express myself in a belligerent tone
Shout like fuck and never let you go
Apologies – are seldom said
The row didn’t mean that much in the end
We beg forgiveness underneath our eyelids
A love that’s sickening conveyed in silence

I think I love you
I’m in love with you